About Dr. Jamie Cheong

Get to know me a little better

It’s not fair that I get all of your details and you get none of mine. So here’s a little about me and my passion for nephrology.

Picture of Dr Jamie Cheong - Nephrologist Melbourne

Jamie graduated from Monash University in 2010 with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. Since then she underwent basic training at Monash Health where she assisted in Stroke and Thalassemia research. Her passion for renal medicine was discovered whilst working as a resident at Monash Health.

She went on to complete her advance training in Nephrology at Western Health and the Royal Melbourne Hospital where she gained experience in transplantation, dialysis, general nephrology and obstetric medicine. On completion of her training she worked as the Renal Fellow at Western Health and assisted in trial consenting, development and undertook reviews of Mobile Health applications in Chronic Disease management.

She will continue to work with the Chronic Disease research unit at Western Health to identify methods to bring best care to patients in the community. She will maintain her clinical acumen through roles as a Consultant Nephrologist at Western Health and a General Physician at Epworth Healthcare. She also performs Dialysis Rounds at the Sunshine Fresenius Dialysis Unit.

“Hearing and seeing people dissatisfied with the care that’s been provided to them motivates me to change that.”

Improving patients’ health and treatments

Whenever you enter a hospital or clinic, you’re likely going through a significant change in your life. With that understanding, I do my best making sure that every patient I meet receives the care and time that they deserve.
  • Though you may be affected by your health, you’re still a partner, mother, father, son or daughter first. I’m devoted to providing empathetic, holistic renal care services; treating you as a person, rather than a patient with a disease.

  • To me, there’s no such thing as ‘professionalism’ or ‘medical integrity’, you either have integrity, or you don’t. I’m firmly committed to transparency, accountability and my patients’ recovery, even if that includes having difficult conversations.

  • Clear and timely communication makes it easier for everyone involved. I encourage an open, direct line of communication so you never feel left in the dark. Which is why you can reach me directly by phone, email and social media during regular business hours.

    Ask me anything (non-urgent)!

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      Ask me anything (non-urgent)!